Poetry is a gift that can be passed on from generation to generation...

Thoughts and ideas, dreams and visions, relationships and connections, all can be shared through the written word. It only takes dreaming to let the words and thoughts take you to a wonderful place of escape, or find that you are not alone in our world.

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Dreaming Fish © 2021


Fish are swimming in my head.

Mind is kinda blurry.

Thinks it needs things to slow down,

people in a hurry.

Like those fish all in a group,

running 'round like fools.

If they wreck because of this,

send them back to school.

As for me, I enjoy life, and all of it's wonders.

Know that if I move too fast,

I may surely blunder.

So, I'll just go on back to bed,

dreaming of those fish.

Hope you all survive the day...

Just my simple wish.


Rod Hatter

Oct. 26, 2013


From "Naivet'e ~ Natural Simplicity" © 2021

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